Below, a shot of an interior room (taken with a long exposure time). The shot originally appeared "misty," but upon sharpening the picture, several images materialized in the scene. We asked Charles Pelton, well-known spiritographer and psychic, to comment on images that appear in the photo.

Upon closer inspection, the "girl," referred to in Mike's original description of the photo, is actually the bearded man mentioned in Charles Pelton's comments.

"Actually, I see three people in this photo. A man, seated along side a woman who appears to have a child seated on her lap. The man appears to be about 40 years old, dark hair with a full beard. The woman appears to be somewhat younger, I'd say about 32 to 36 years old, long blond hair, rather attractive, well dressed and affluent. The child looks like a boy, but I feel it is a girl, about 10 to 12 years old. She has a necklace around her neck which appears to be as a ribbon with an overlay of something white, perhaps pearls, or something similar. The man and woman appear to be looking forward, while the child is looking toward the side, as though posing for a picture. These people are in some kind of commercial vehicle— a train, bus or possibly a stagecoach. There is a tragic accident here. I feel the child and woman are taken from the scene of the accident and taken to a building to be treated for injuries. The man dies instantly, the woman dies in the building, the child may have lived, but very lonesome and confused."

The left edge of the skull column is a demarcation line, or dimensional line, which is the indicator of a different time period. The size of the "skull-like" heads also suggest the theory of the commercial vehicle referred to earlier, such as the stagecoach, or train. If you examine the entire area, you see these figures are back to back and the primary subjects are the family, (man, woman and child) which are larger then the skull-like heads. I believe these three small heads to be connected to the second incident. The primary subjects, (the family) to be connected with the third incident and the transparent figure in the doorway (far right), to be the first incident. This, I feel is confirmed in the fact that this figure is attached in the two time periods, and is in the recent incident, (the sequence photo) in photo three of the sequence.

The transparent figure is much larger than any of the others and appears to be sitting in the doorway and is the conduit to the entire photo. This figure is the same person who is in the third photo of the sequence. This may indicate the reason for the stagecoach time period. I believe his 'mission' here is to ward off further incidents. He is distressed and tired because he is not accomplishing his task."

Charles also commented on the sequence of photos from the car crash, where, in the third shot, we found a "transparent figure" fleeing from the scene.

"This feels as though it is the location of the original accident. It feels like the transparent figure is the father, attempting to warn off people or asking for help. I would suggest that this area of road may have been the scene of other accidents or phenomena, as well as the nearby building, which probably has had phenomena also. The time frame here feels like it took place in the early 1900's, however I am not quite sure why the stagecoach is important here. Perhaps the early incident involved a stagecoach, and later a train or bus. Was this road once a railroad right-of-way? Perhaps a stage route in early days?"

Charles had no information from the story, or background of the site, when he looked at the photos. After receiving his comments, we inquired about the history of the site. It had, in fact, been a wagon route, with a blacksmith shop not far from the spot of the accident.

As we prepared the photos for placement in the story, we came across some other interesting images.


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In the photo of the man staring out the window, his name is Sam...and he was one mean bastard in his day (I'd say 1850-1920). It was his house and he ruled it with an iron fist - and most likely, the source of the problems with the house. No one did anything on HIS property without HIS permission. If you look closely, just outside of the window, you can see his young (and only) daughter Celia (blonde hair, blue eyes) lookinf as if she is setting on the window sill. She's still trying to escape his wrath, even in death. The young boy in the bottom photo is Sams youngest son, Joshua. Sam had three other sons, but apparently, they have moved on...Joshua and Celia were the youngest and not allowed out of the house all that often so even today they are afraid to leave. Maybe Sam won't let them go. This is a very sad situation - that house holds a great deal of sadness. So overwhelmingly so, that the living can feel it. Sam was sadistic, brutal and cruel and I believe that is him in the first photo...if you look closely, you can see that his arm is raised and there appears to be a knife or a gun in his hand. He is holding someone on the ground by the shirt - he is either slashing thier throat or pistol whipping them. I see the image of a woman staning behind him, looking as if she is screaming - most likely his wife, who's name I believe was Sarah. The skulls seem to be piled atop a childs head, but this child was not Sams child. There is another woman standing over the child with the skulls. She's someones sister - unsure if its Sams or Sarahs, but part of the family. She has one body, but two faces - hers and a skull. She was sick for a long time, meaning death hovered over her a long time before she died. The happy man in the doorway came from a later time...the house was once a brothel/speakeasy at one point in the late 20s, early The person running from he accident was the person who died *in* the accident...they think they are still alive, so theyre running from the flaming vehicle. I sincerely hope that when this person discovered that they were dead, it went easy on them.

If you can go back to that house, you've got to tell Sam that he's got to go. It might not do any good unless you have some professionals do it. But there is nothing wrong with the's the man who still resides there. Houses only house those who inhabit it. And Sam won't let go of it. And he's one mean bastard...However, it seems that before Sam got this house, at some point, puritans lived there. Judging by what you saw, anyway. If thats the case, then this is probably why there is such a conflict...the puritans left good energy and then Sam came in with his bad energy so there is a conflict between the good and evil, which a house can reflect if the energy is strong enough. This house needs a good cleansing - BADLY. Good luck.