Steps 6 and 7 of a basic "profile" or analysis deal with the spacing between letters and the spacing between words. These traits indicate how you feel about yourself and how you feel about others.

Step 6:


Average spacing between letters points to a person who is self-confident and feels comfortable and at ease.

Letters written close together or "compressed" indicate a person who feels uncomfortable about themselves, and usually has low self-esteem or is self-conscious.

Irregularly spaced letters indicate that the writer is confused, uncertain, or mixed up.

Step 7:


Compressed spacing between words- needs to be close to others; likes crowds.

Average spacing between words- feels comfortable contact with others.

Wide spacing between words- avoids people contact; has problems dealing with others.


Notice the word spacing on the note below. The writing indicates a person who isolates themselves from others. He or she has difficulty dealing with others so would avoid people contact, if possible.

This is the handwriting of Ted Kaczinski the "uni-bomber," who lived like a hermit in an isolated cabin in Montana. He had difficulty dealing with people and society in general.

All wide space writers aren't like Ted, but they usually avoid people contact as much as possible. Many wide space writers are married and have children, but, even then, they are usually loners. They normally have a hobby, second job or some other excuse to avoid the family and friends as much as possible.


Now let's add these traits to Bill Clinton's analysis from my last article

Pressure- heavy, strong long lasting emotions

Slant- vertical, Bill tries to control his emotions and bases his decisions on logic.

Size of writing- slightly smaller than normal, giving him good concentration skills.

Zones- Mid- concentrates on daily activities (running the country), and lower- desire for material wealth and physical drives like appetite, sex, exercise etc.

Spacing between letters- mostly average but sometimes compressed, he is a little uncertain about how he feels about himself. We know it's not low self-esteem, but it could be self-consciousness or guilty conscious.

Spacing between words- crowded, Bill likes to be close to others and loves crowds.



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