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Chinese Alien Body Kept In Freezer

These photos are making the rounds on the internet in a rare case of disclosure from that country. There is no official translation to English but the translator on Google has given us the following information which is, like the pictures, open to your imagination.

[The images come from the website:]

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Public three months ago in the Yellow River Lee with grid electricity rabbit, met five riding UFO aliens, electricity after the death of one, was his collection in their own warehouse. The body length of 1.9 m, 45 kg, the head is large, there is a video picture. Lee also said that during the two experts who came to his house looked alien, "they say the DNA of the organism and the Earth is not the same person."

Lee is operating seafood business, discover alien place is in his warehouse near the Yellow River bank. After I heard this thing, we all went to visit to understand the situation, a detailed account of his encounter aliens through, and shows the alien shoot photos and videos:

This year on March 9, at 2 am, he went to the Yellow River Shop Electric Grid view their situation wild rabbits, did not expect that night and in the past, before a night you can catch several hares, but today not even a rabbit no power to. He continued to view the occasion is, I feel there was a light behind him kept coming, so he turned to scare his jump, "a similar UFO UFO flying in the Yellow River beach side, do not know what their bikes it went below the UFO, but also turn down the five aliens. "

He saw this situation is also very scared, but he took a picture with a cell phone. On the occasion of his camera, he found his bike is being sucked spacecraft. Think of this, Lee angrily picked up the Yellow River Flood Control and the stones, smashed in the past, "stones broken into small stones up."

Alien attack, began to catch up with Lee, "running in front of the alien, just wade around wires are electrically dead." Lee said in his report to the direction of home runs in the process, He felt a light and flew to the northwest, "the other aliens riding alien spacecraft flew away."

Lee said he returned to the warehouse, quickly top tight live the door, and after a seventy-eight minutes did not hear movement, curious neighbors shouted Lee wondered once again the Yellow River beach, but did not knock on the door of the sleeping neighbor , had no choice but to bring home the big dog for his courage, stick themselves to take on the beach side of the Yellow River.

River beach side to Lee discovered that the alien lying on the floor back into the air, in order to determine whether they live or die poked with a stick, did not find movement, letting the big dog trial found that there is a lot of dead, This relieved, along with the car quilt will wrap it back to the warehouse, into the freezer. Originally the first time the two alarm but the phone numbers are no signal, only to give up.

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The rest of the story came out June 13th on

A farmer from Binzhou City in Shandong Province, China was summoned and arrested on June 10, 2013 after making up a story about witnessing a UFO that crash landed and keeping the remains of the alien in a freezer at his home.

The farmer known as Mr Li posted the photos showing the alien on a website with a story on the 9th of June 2013. To make his story credible, he left his contact number, address and his real name in the website. As a result, he get more than a million replies in just a day.

The police officers found the alleged extra-terrestrial at Mr Li's home. Head of the police, Zhou Xiaofei, says that the so-called alien was around 1.7 to 1.8 meters tall with huge head and white colour head and body. But Xiaofei discovered that the body was made of something rubber because it was somewhat elastic.

Because of some questionable claims made by Mr Li, the police interrogated him. After the interrogation, Li admitted that the alleged alien was a self-made rubber model and the story about the UFO and alien posted on a website was not true and also made up by himself. Further investigations suggest that the alien model was made of bone glue, steel wire and antholeucin.

Mr Li explains that he is fond of UFOs and ETs and wants attention from enthusiasts and followers of UFOs and aliens, the reason he made up such story. He is now under a five-day detention for making lies and interrupting normal social order.

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