A true story.

In the early days of our magazine, I was asked to view a secret military installation just north of Fairbanks, Alaska. The site contained numerous antennae that were designed to focus billions of watts of radio energy on our Earth's ionosphere, heating it and causing it to expand. In the subsequent years I learned that there were about a dozen other similar installations under construction at strategic locations around the globe.

At first the significance of this global network was a mystery. The ionosphere is a layer of atmosphere about 60 miles above the surface of the planet. It is a highly charged layer that protects the planet from solar flares and radiation from space. Heating the ionosphere with radio waves is like pulling on an elastic chord or rubber band. The new weapon system is designed to do just that, and then to allow the accumulated energy to "snap" back at a precise location with more destructive power than any nuclear device.

The reality of this weapon system was voiced (alarming comments) by Secretary of Defense, William S. Cohen, under President Clinton. It's time we all knew about this.

Since re-locating to Asia, I have met other ex-patriots who worked for Raytheon on this project, including an engineer who helped develop the satellite system that will eventually link all of the weapons together, enabling control over the entire planet.

Coincident with this discovery, ViewZone was also investigating some ancient writing that had been seen on rocks in various locations around the world. Many of these archaeological sites were adjoining sites of the phased arrays. The translation of the very old writing was a major breakthrough, largely achieved by a professor from Brigham Young University, Dr. James Harris. The translations spoke of "the burning sky" and made prophecies about the destruction of life and of specific "safe zones".

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