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By Gary Vey

The Thought Screen Blocker

[Above left: Ariel's drawings of aliens "talking" to her with their mind. Above right: What Ariel described as an alien girl.]

A few years ago, a little 5 year old girl surprised her mother by drawing some unusual pictures. Never before exposed to material about UFOs, aliens or the abduction phenomenon, little Ariel seem infatuated with images of tiny, slant-eyed beings that she depicted in space ships and in various scenes which suggested they were interacting with her. When she was questioned about her drawings, Ariel casually told of her being taken aboard a flying ship, examined and then exposed to what appeared to be hybrids. She didn't know the term "alien" but quickly learned that's what other people call the small people she encountered.

This was not only upsetting to Joni, Ariel's mom, but it triggered her own memories of abduction that she had repressed and almost forgotten. Suddenly, Joni had to cope not only with her own traumatic experiences, but realized that her own daughter was likely undergoing the same horror.

"It made my own experiences more real. I have also had memories of having a baby and having the baby removed from me... it has happened more than once..."

Joni was desperate for help and arranged to obtain a velostat cap for herself and her daughter from Michael Menkin. The caps can be made to look like normal head wear. The layers of velostat can be placed in a variety of different hats, but it is important to remember their function.

"Although I make Thought Screen Helmets from baseball caps, women's hats, cowboy hats and motorcycle helmets, the Helmet pictured in most of the photos in this article is made from a leather aviator's cap which fits closely to the head and fastens under the chin. The all-important thing about this type of Helmet is the abductee can sleep in it. It will not come off during the night, and this leads to one of the great benefits to abductees of the Thought Screen Helmet: good night's sleep. -- Menkin

[Above left: Ariel described being shown a baby by one of the alien "helpers". Above right: She saw other children during her abduction. Here she draws a frightened little boy encountering an alien.]

Menkin tries to keep in contact with the abductees who have worn his protective "helmets", as he like to call them. Some of the reports are disturbing. An example is when an abductee forgets to wear the helmet and is subsequently visited by human-alien hybrids and given a thorough beating. It is apparent that the helmets are interfering with the alien agenda.

"Since I am the only person I know of working in the abduction field who reports this type of alien aggression and intimidation against abductees fighting the aliens, I believe I am the only one who has successfully stopped alien abductions. I have other cases of aliens threatening and harassing abductees who wear the Thought Screen Helmet. That's one reason I am convinced it works. The aliens would not behave the way they do unless the Helmet was effective. -- Menkin

More information on the Thought Screen Helmets, including instructions on making one yourself, can be found on Menkin's web site: More art from Ariel can be found at For sure, this is no joke.

What does it all mean?

There is overwhelming evidence that the final stage in an attempt to take over our planet has commenced. We'd all like to laugh at this or confine it to the conspiracy web sites or sci-fi movies -- but is is real. We may not know all the facts as it has been kept from the public for obvious reasons. But even as I write this, retired military officers and high officials in defense contract corporations are coming forward with their disclosures about UFOs, the existence of hybrid programs and the ultimate goal of the alien's agenda. These revelations cannot be ignored.

What can we do about it? Step one is to demand that our ineffective government become transparent about what they know and what interactions or agreements they have made on our behalf. Step two is to explore ideas like Menkin's helmet -- if it is not already too late -- to stop the abductions and the hybrid programs. Step three is to demand that we know what kind of technology the powers that be have obtained from their contact with aliens and their spacecraft.

We will be exploring this latter part in our next installment where we will reveal some amazing technology that was obtained from aliens, developed at great expense with our tax dollars, and ultimately kept from us for fear that the "big secret" would be revealed to an angry public. We will show how this technology should solve our energy problems and improve our lives -- if only it were revealed.





Stay tuned, more disclosure is straight ahead.

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