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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly... continued

In our research for this series we looked at literally hundreds of first-hand reports of alien contact. We attempted to separate the wheat from the chaff in determining whether the person reporting the story was sane (note: this is different from smart), honest and forthcoming (or had some alternate motive like selling a book) in reporting their other-worldly encounters, and whether their descriptions of the alien activities were beneficial or harmful to humans.

What follows are some of the stories we left out of the series. We will summarize them, explain what we discovered in our research and rate them according to our criteria:


TAKEN: Accounts of alien abductions & Karla Turner, Ph.D

Dr. Karla Turner was born in 1947, earned her doctorate in Old English studies and was a teacher at a Texas university for almost a decade. During that time she married and raised a family. Life seemed pretty normal for her until her husband had an unusual experience which included witnessing a hovering silver disc and missing time. Under hypnosis he was able to describe being abducted by what we now call "Greys." What was even more shocking was that he recalled seeing his abductors from early in his childhood.

The revelations of these apparent life long abductions was a real shock. The family had never even spoken about UFOs or aliens, yet suddenly this reality was thrust upon them. But that was just the beginning. The Turner family soon learned they they were all being abducted -- even their son -- and were apparently part of some genetic experiment.

Karla's story is compelling because she did not want to believe it was true. But once she was convinced that UFO abductions had happened to her family, she left her teaching career and reached out to find other victims of abductions, applying her intellect and skill at doing research. She documented victim's stories in a series of interviews with abducted women that she eventually published. Her work with women was unique and important since the abduction events closely resemble rape and, as such, female victims are usually hesitant to talk about what had happened.

Karla eventually became one of the top abduction researchers and was able to describe the methods used to abduct victims -- a kind of Virtual Reality (VR) where false images could be projected into the minds of reluctant humans, persuading them to cooperate. Her work gradually led her to see the "dark side" of abductions, where female victims were left with physical and emotional scars -- sometimes resulting in atypical pregnancies or requiring hysterectomies. But her real malevolence towards aliens came from the accounts of abducted children.

Her first book, Into the Fringe (Berkley Books, 1992), told of her own experiences and those of her family. Her second book, Taken -- Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda (Kelt Works, 1994), profiled the abduction stories of eight women whose experiences included both "alien" and human intrusions, and both benign and negative elements, illustrating the profoundly complex nature of the abduction mystery. Her most recent book, Masquerade of Angels (Kelt Works, 1994), was co-written with psychic Ted Rice and recounts Ted's lifelong encounters with strange entities whose identity hovered in a shadowland between angelic and demonic. Karla was working on another book when she became ill in early 1995.

Dr. Karla Turner died of cancer on January 10, 1996, after being threatened for her work. She was just 48. Since then, several other people involved in UFO investigation have also experienced threats followed by highly unusual cancers.

While Karla's own story is compelling, the interviews (which were recorded) with ordinary women are even more so. Here are a few pieces from her book, Taken:

Indiana, 1954...

"They came in our house and set up equipment in the living room," Pat said. "The Army men wanted to talk to me the most. Me, an eleven-year-old girl with secrets in my head. But the aliens told me I couldn't tell because 'there will be those who will tamper with your mind.' And here they were, the tamperers, the Army men."

Two female doctors set up their gear in the bedroom, where Pat was given an injection. "It made me sleepy," she said, "and I lay on my mom's bed on some towels and told them my story. I even told them, 'You're in my mom's room where the White, glowing ones were. You don't belong here, but they do'."

Puerto Rico, 1978...

Two aliens took Beth down a curved hall and through a door, into a different area. It looked like "a surgery room," and she became afraid they were going to kill her there. A third entity, holding a black box, moved to a position behind Beth. She could not see what he did, but she felt as if her head was being opened and her brain removed, all without any sensation of pain. After she was "all put back together again," a cold liquid was poured over her head.

When this procedure was finished, the aliens stood in front of her, and Beth realized that mentally she was different. Her thoughts about everything were changed, and she was filled with new ideas about God and the unity of all life within that supreme source.

This very spiritual moment was followed by a quite physical exam, as the aliens took samples from her skin and hair. A human-looking man with a widow's-peak hairline entered and made a full examination of her body, including a gynecological procedure. Then he explained many things, telling her that she and other humans had been "chosen" to carry out certain "jobs" in the future.

Texas, 1992...

"The masked alien explained that her race had been doing things to humans that they should not be doing," Amy said. "She and several groups of her race, and others, wanted to stop the 'abuse' of the humans by her race. They were working with certain people on Earth to stop the process. The other humans in the room were ex-pilots, military officials, and other professionals. They were all working together to stop the alien intrusions.

"She showed me the thing she had pulled out of my neck and said, 'This is embedded deep in the spinal cord.' The thing controlled the muscles of the body when activated. It blocked the brain and became the 'central command' of the body. I don't want to remember how or why this thing functioned."

The above video is from a lecture Dr. Turner gave before her intimely death. Many believe she was murdered for this kind of disclosure.

Before she died, Karla was focusing on the involvement of humans, possibly in the military, in the abductions. This fact was revealed early on in abduction reports when the military were on the scene, conducting interviews, often within hours of an event. Karla's life was threatened, yet she continued to speak about human complicity. Many believe that this ultimately resulted in her contracting cancer.

When other UFO researchers or contactees would criticize Karla for her negative view of the aliens, she would often shut them up with her question, "What possible good can come from abducting a 5 year old and inserting an anal probe?"


Friendly Zetas and "Dr." Michael Wolf

Author "Michael Wolf" (Kruvant) claimed he was a member of the satellite government for over 25 years, attained a very high "Above Top Secret" clearance level and worked primarily on joint ET/human scientific projects.

Prior to his death in 2000, Wolf became a celebrity among the "friendly alien" believers. He published a book, Catchers of Heaven in 1996, in which he revealed the global governments' involvement with extraterrestrials, their attempts to keep this information from the public, and the many human-like qualities of the Greys -- with whom he claims to have befriended and shared living quarters with during his work at secret bases like S1, Area 51 and the Foreign Technology Division at Wright Patterson Air Force base.

Wolf claims his disclosure of "above top secret" material was approved by the National Security Council (NSC) -- another agency for which he worked -- to "generate a controlled leak of secret (alien) information."

"I look forward to the day when the secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial contact ends so that our race can move forward to the next phase of its history -- now cosmic in scale." -- Wolf

Wolf said he had an MD in neurology; a Ph.D in theoretical physics; a BS in biogenetics; a JD in international law; and a D.Sc. in computer sciences. When journalist attempt to validate his many shocking claims, they can find no record of his attendance at a university, his degrees or any association with the military or government of the United States. The records seem to all have been earased. Wolf said this was to be expected and that such measures are common for people working in unacknowledged "special access programs" as their bosses must maintain plausible deniability in case a sensitive unauthorized disclosure occurs.

Among his achievements, while studying at MIT for his PhD in physics, Wolf claims to have discovered a new theory of wave particle duality which later developed into a neutral particle beam. Wolf commented, "I had hoped and envisioned that this technology would be used for treating cancer. Instead it was used as a weapon as part of the SDI Programme (Star Wars)."

Randomly picking one of Wolf's many other claims, he talks about working at Indian Springs and Dulce. Where for five years, "I met with extraterrestrial beings every day in my work and shared living quarters with them."

Wolf claims the aliens like many things about humans.

"They especially love our great imagination and creativity along with the ability to have profound dreams. But they would like to speed up our spiritual evolution."

Wolf never met a "Grey" whom he disliked. To him they were family. These "Greys" enjoyed hugging and kissing humans. One nicknamed them "kissey facey". Their smooth and soft bodies feel like dolphin skin to touch. He communicated with these ETs through telepathy. Wolf became especially friendly with one called Kolta. An actual photograph of this "Grey" is on the front cover of his book [right], Catchers of Heaven.

Dulce, New Mexico, where Wolf claims to have worked, is the location where it has been said that a lethal battle between underground aliens and special US forces took place when an alien "nest" was discovered while the military was constructing an underground facility. (Schnieder, et. al.)

According to Wolf, on May 1st, 1975, a "little misunderstanding" occurred between the "Greys" and humans at S4. During a demonstration of a small anti-matter reactor the head ET asked the guards, Blue Beret soldiers, to remove their rifles and bullets from the room. A safety precaution so these weapons wouldn't accidentally discharge during the energy emissions. The guards refused and in the ensuing commotion a Blue Beret opened fire and killed a "Grey". Two scientists and 41 military personnel were then terminated. One guard was allowed to live -- testifying that the "Greys" used a form of directed mental energy at them in self defense.

Wolf goes on to claim that he served as a scientific consultant for the American President and NSC on ET related matters. He was a member of MJ12 special studies group and appointed head of its leading agency -- the Alphacom Team -- which specializes in gathering information on the different ET races.

Our Star Nations Counselor, Dr. Richard Boyla [see top of previous page], reviewed Wolf's book, Catchers of Heaven and said, "I rate it the most important UFO book published to date."

But not everyone was convinced.

Michael Wolf is now dead. Still worried and annoyed by his claims, during late January 2004, UFO researcher and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman mailed off a 1-page, 16-item questionnaire (prepared 1-26-04) to Ron Kruvant, brother of the late "Dr" Michael Wolf Kruvant, about his late brother. His brother dutifully completed the questionnaire on 2-4-04. Stan received the questionnaire back in the SASE he had provided on 2-12-04.

Without further ado, here is the questionnaire reproduced VERBATIM with NO alterations and/or editorial comments:

QUESTIONNAIRE Re: MICHAEL WOLF KRUVANT, January 26, 2004, prepared by Stanton T Friedman (Please answer to the best of your knowledge):

1. Was Michael Wolf Kruvant your brother?


2) How much younger are you than Michael?


3) Were you in contact with Michael during most of his life?


4) Did Michael flunk out of Upsala College?


5) Did Michael ever receive a diploma from ANY college or university?


6) Did Michael ever serve in the military?


7) Did Michael ever work for the U.S. government?


8) Did Michael ever have a security clearance?


9) Was Michael ever married?


10) Did Michael ever father a child?


11) Was Michael a homosexual?


12) Did Michael ever have a major full-time job for more than a week making more than $8,000/year?


13) Did Michael ever spend time in various mental hospitals?


14) Did you inform Dr Richard Boylan of the answers to most of the above questions?


15) Was Michael's only income in the last years of his life from Social Security and your mother's payment of $300/month to help him out?


16) Do you know of ANY meetings between Michael and U.S presidents?


OTHER COMMENTS: "Michael had a need to FABRICATE his ENTIRE life. I watched his life destroyed by FEAR, parental abuse -- both psychologically and physically -- and through the use of alcohol and drugs. He became incapable of human emotion."

Signature: Ron Kruvant (signed) 2/4/04

ADDENDUM: "He was intelligent and at an early age, he became adept at LYING. This continued THROUGHOUT HIS LIFE. He was subject to schizophrenia and delusions of GRANDEUR."

Ron Kruvant





Stay tuned, more disclosure is straight ahead.

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