I am writing with regards to Dan Millers [sic]' articles about 2012 and would like to bring his attention to Autobiography of a Yogi chapter 17/page 194.

*The Hindu scriptures place the present world-age as occurring within the Kale Yuga of a much longer universal cycle than the simple 24,000 year equinoctial cycle with which Sri Yukteswar was concerned. The universal cycle of the scriptures is 4,300,560,000 years in extent, and measures out a Day of Creation. This vast figure is based on the relationship between the lenghth of the solar year and a multiple of pi (3.1416).

The life span for a whole universe, according to the ancient seers, is 314,159,000,000,000 solar years, or "one Age of Brahma."

The Hindu scriptures declare that an earth such as ours is dissolved for one of two reasons: the inhabitants as a whole become either completely good or completely evil. The world mind thus generates a power that releases the captive atoms held together as an earth.

Dire pronouncements are occasionally published regarding an imminent "end of the world." Planetary cycles, however, proceed according to an orderly divine plan. No earthly dissolution is in sight; many ascending and descending equinoctial cycles are yet in store for our planetr in its present form.

Frank Zemanek

"Wait there's more" seems to be a lot to happen all at once. When was the last alignment of all 9 or 8 planets as Pluto is...? Wasn't that another "end" once upon a time? Scientists have known the earth to switch poles in the past but as I read in this possibility:

"Magnetic Somersaults - Other possibilities on December 21, 2012:

In the first quarter of 2001, the Sun switched magnetic poles. This occurs every eleven years. Prior to this the Sun's north magnetic pole was at the north rotational pole. Now the Sun's north magnetic pole is at its south pole. Since opposite poles attract, the magnetic poles of the Earth and Sun are now at their most stable. Just about the time of 2012 Winter Solstice, the Sun's poles will switch back. During this switch there will be a tendency for the Sun's magnetic field to pull the Earth's field with it. " *

it happens every 11 years, which we know the earth hasn't switched poles in a long time, much less, every 11 years. Ask the question "what will happen when it does and what it did in the past magnetic cycle". A 25,000 year cycle comes to mind for the poles of the earth to switch from south to north. Which is about the same cycle of the Milky Way aligning with our solar system. That would mean every 25,000 years we would have a record of no atmosphere in the north pole ice? From a huge solar flare wiping out our magnetic field along with our atmosphere? Lets find out the facts in the ice instead of speculating while the ice is still there. As I mentioned there is evidence of the switching of the magnetic poles on earth but I don't think it is that disrupting as I have read here, more research obviously is needed on my part. Knowing the plate tectonics and they look as if they still fit like a puzzle as Pangia once was, I don't think it will be that disrupting to have north pole become south again, I could be wrong. If the sun does switch magnetic poles, does it completely disrupt it compared to our size? Maybe you can tell I'm more of a "what happened before" type of person rather than just speculate and move like sheep when told by a herder. We all do need to learn from the past, are you writing it all down so if we do disappear the 5th sun generation won't have to start from scratch again? We didn't from Vietnam to today to learn, so I don't have much hope on any other generation after us.

It isn't just the Mayans/Aztecs, this date has been on many minds like oracles and prophets in history even John the Prophet in the revelations. I do believe something about the date is special with the alignments and all, but as mentioned at the beginning, all the planets have lined up and we are still here unfortunately. Lets ask the geologists what happened 25,000 years ago in this cycle when we crossed the galactic pizza crust before for evidence of a rock layer, extinction or plant life elimination (plankton) before you make your millions on shirts etc of 12212012.

I do agree with Johann who said on the viewzone "But are we worth it? Man is a miserable creature that kills and destroys himself and other living things." This is why I mentioned "unfortunately" after "we are still here".

I believe Matt has a close answer, lets see what the Astrologists have to say for predictions after 12212012. Oh, none of the stars will change positions....Were the Mayans using the stars for their predictions or calender?

In my point, I believe with all our closest planets lining up would exert the most gravity on our sun, and there Barycenters to it. Now I'm not sure if they lined up all on one side of the sun or were on both. If all were on one side obviously would be the greatest strain on the sun. With the Milky Way Galaxy at 100,000 light years across, and we are at the 80,000 of its edge, that's a guess. But to be suggested a huge black hole approx. 30,000 light years away is going to have a devastating effect on our sun? Lets look at suns that are on the galactic pizza crust edge right now and see what temp they are at and if they have been effected in other ways like x-ray telescopes and see if there are flares, if we can see that far yet. That can't take that long can it?

Try to see "Decoding the Past" on the History Channel for all the predictions from many cultures about this subject. Just to be more rounded in your thoughts unlike how many voted for Bush, not by a religious person you thought he was but by how well he can be a leader.


Phoenix, AZ

Hello... Your information regarding the Mayan "end date" of the Long Count calendar is correct and you are very accurate in your predictions...

May I now say one thing: Now that you are aware of what is going to occur on or approximately on this date, it is now time to prepare yourself for the events preceeding this "quantam leap" of cosmic energies. The time is now to raise OUR vibrations, to find the love in every moment, and to be present on this hour upon which you speak takes place. The universe is like a machine, perfectly timed in rhythm with the energies of pure consciousness, which are evolving and growing.

The end of the cycle is coming to a close, but don't lose sight of the BEGINNING of a new and greater cycle, where Earth shall be purified and renewed in the dawn of the 5th Sun. There will be no need for computers in the Kingdom of Heaven, for what good does materiality do you in spiritual realms?

Find the Christ within yourself, may that protect you upon the hour in which the Paradigm Shift, or Shift of the Ages comes to light, and allow yourself to follow the spiraling lines of light into the Heavens in which you will be saved. The soul cannot be killed, only the flesh and blood of your physical vehicle, the human body...

We are all ONE

Thankyou, and in Light and Love,


I think even in Buddhism they also have an understanding of the different eras which the world has gone through and soon we'll reach a new era within 2012 as the mayan callendar fortells.

I just hope we'll somehow make it through chemtrails and birdflu - NWO and their satanic plans for mass sacrifice of the masses to the Gin .....

Aline D

I was reading your very interesting article about the 2012 Mayan prophecies when I came across the part where you talked about how "the gravitational effects of the Galaxy have already started to assert their influence on the Sun". This made me remember reading about how the sun was turning white a year ago on the Godlike Productions forum and thought that this could be a reason for it. I myself remember the sun having a much yellowier and softer light then it does today although I know that does not prove anything. Perhaps the gravitational force being exerted on the sun by the galaxy is causing it to heat up and turn from a G-type yellow to an F-type tan to an A-type white. Finally it my even turn to a B-type blue as 2012 approaches which would tie into the Hopi prophecy about a Blue Star Kachina appearing on judgment day.

Anyway I think this would be an interesting topic for viewzone to investigate since there has been a lot of 'buzz' in the conspiracy world about this topic.

Another interesting correlated topic which I have been reading about online is the increase in the Earth's Schumann resonance and the resultant 'Time Compression' which may also be due to the sun's and/or galaxy's influence on the Earth.

I hope you found what I said useful.


I hope this is the person who wrote the article about 2012 on viewzone.com. You have the astronomical parts down but if you want to learn about what is really happening spiritually and where we are headed, I suggest you read 'The Book of Life' by Michael Sharp. You can order it from www.michaelsharp.org. The Mayans were right, but it's not the end of the world... it's the end of the world as we know it. I see someone else commented on your article saying it is the beginning of a new era. Well, he's right. But the fact is in 2012 we're leaving the current space/time capsule and entering a new one. That's why the Mayans couldn't predict anything after that point.


Living In Mexico for many years, I know enough to tell you this much: Aztec culture is very different than Mayan. The aztecs flourished along the Valle de México (Aztlán) today part of Mexico City and had a certain circumference of influence. They are what are called Pueblos Nahuas -nahuatl-. Whareas the Mayas belong to the Quechua group and have territories that span from chiapas, the peninsula, guatemala honduras, etc Not only are their ideographic motifs different, but their systems differ immensely... Perhaps further research is required...

-regards Cervez

Hi, I am impress by your doomsday theory that is coming our way and would like to add something!

As you have said the galactic center is a strong emitter of gamma rays and dust, but its gravitional waves are also marking their influences on our solar system!

Actually it explains a lot of things that have happened recently.


All of the links above are talking about things that have been triggered by our galactic gravitational and magnetic influences. It also means that if those things are really going to happen, it is not from our sun that the

biggest threat will come but from our asteroid belt and Oort cloud. Because those formations do form a kind of dense ring around our sun, and when our space and time fabric is distorted like it is right now (proved by our space probes speed increase), those rings will simply shrink and collide precipitating young black comets and large asteroids toward the sun... It also happens that we might be in the path of those space projectiles!

In other words, we might not only experience energetic woes cause by our sun activities but also got to deal with some space rocks heading our ways that were not on our chart before!

All in all, I am pretty sure that more and more peoples are aware of things to come, and that this awareness shall provide us some hopes that we might get over this all together instead of divided!

I invite you to read more about the possible causes of this galactic influence by reading my blog (sorry for my bad English I am French...)


Keep the heads up the world needs peoples like you!

First, I think the likes of Jeff and Jacob in the comments section are tripping. If you can't construct a coherent sentence, don't bother with page long dissertations.

Second, there seems to be a recurring theme in these 2012 rants, ie, our collective conscience will make a difference. To anyone who believes that the approach of some cataclysmic event will bring us all together as "one", I would suggest you consider that stress rarely brings out the best in people. Indeed, times of stress seem to polarise people. Generally when people are fearful they don't take the time to calmly and rationally consider the greater good. They panic and go into personal preservation mode. This usually involves selfish acts. People will horde food, barricade themselves in shelters and fiercely protect what they consider to be "their" space and resources. And let's be honest here. If I thought that for whatever reason, food, water, even oxygen would soon be in scarce supply, I'd be the poster boy for "fuck you, it's all about me and mine". Who honestly thinks they're different?

Anyone who imagines they will be magically spared by some higher power because they strove to develop some higher awareness is, in my mind, well, mindless. Nature doesn't discriminate. For what it's worth, whilst I don't wish to upset or offend anyone, I don't really care if I do either. If the end of the world comes about in my lifetime, I have no fear or reservations about it. Know why? It's precisely because I don't believe in heaven and hell or any kind of afterlife. I figure when you're dead, you're dead. No different to a dog or a worm or anything else. That is fine with me. That gives me peace. It's those peanuts who fret about where they'll spend "eternity" that will find no peace when the end is in sight. I really do pity them. Poor bastards lol.

Best wishes



There is a lot of discussion about 2012, your contribution to this topic is excellent. But I count on a bigger scale then normal human thinking. We tent to be the peak of all cosmic entities, pretending we know the beginning (Big Bang) and the end (Black Hole) and all the math how dimensions came in being. But this is only to look down. To look up, you have to deal with other multidimensional worlds, higher beings ( Kryon, www.kryon.com/2012blog.html ) and unknown controls (UFOs) of cataclysms. Life will be not zapped but some how accelerated, what might cause death casualties. I personally be more happy with this galactic alignment then an Armageddon. There are many dates recited, e.g.. 1998. That sounds more real, because the intersecting of the galactic equator is one thing, the effect of such event can't have a date, it is a period of a couple of years. Thanks anyway.


I have studied quite a bit of archaeology but don't recall seeing anything in any archaeological records that would account for any prior catastrophe 14,000 years ago. The petroglyphs are a testimonial to survival of a lot of people around the world. Obviously neither vegetable nor animal life was eradicated as the archaeological records of vegetation and zoology are a continuous chain dating back millions of years. One might suppose that if some great catastrophe occurred concomitantly with the solar display, it too would have been recorded in the petroglyphs. Animals are shown being killed in petroglyphs. Hunting scenes are portrayed. In North and South America there are archaeological records of civilization dating back continuously for thirty thousand years. There is no doubt that the Mayans knew their astronomy, and some schools of thought believe they were Egyptians--the same ones who built the pyramids but a ddifferent group of them. I tend to believe that. Most of those civilizations and their offshoots had a great deal of reverence for equinoxes and other astrological events. Why not end your long count calendar at an equinox ? No catastrophe. No end of the earth. No end of humanity. Just a new beginning on the other side of the equinox. I am betting the Mayans planned to make another calendar at some time prior to the current one expiring, but their civilization failed before that time arrived.

Henry T Munson

Wow, amazing article. I thought it was very interesting and I do believe what you are predicting. Whether any of us will survive it is hard to know. However, I think that all of those who will still be alive when doomsday comes will be some very lucky individuals. It would be great to be able to actually see the end of the world. I know it sounds very masochistic but I just can't believe that I could be lucky enough to see the world end, or even survive it.

Alina Geangu

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