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By Gene D. Matlock

After "graduating" from Marine Corps boot camp in 1952, I was sent to Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, California, as a teletype operator. I loved to spend my liberties listening to the crackpots giving speeches about all kinds of subjects in Pershing Square, Los Angeles.

I wrote and sold a fictional short story about one of those speech makers. According to the story, this man went to Pershing Square to discuss his philosophy of life. "Listen everybody," he screamed, "I've come to the conclusion that this world and all the people in it exist within a larger world, unseen to us, And that world, with all its people, exists within still a larger world, etc., etc., just like the infinite layers of an onion. Now, let's suppose that some evil nations live within this being. Finally, their host being refuses to tolerate their evils any longer. He destroys the world with fire!"

As he continues to speak, the world suddenly begins to heat up. The city of Los Angeles feels like the inside of an oven. Screaming and choking in agony, everybody in Pershing Square starts running away. The man screams, "Please don't go! I have much more to say!" And then the sky turns blood red. The world and everyone in it disappear in a puff of smoke.

The story ends this way: A doctor is bending over a patient sitting in a chair. The doctor says, "You don’t have to worry about that wart any more. I burned it off with this red-hot needle!"

Little did I know at the time that the Hindus teach that we do, indeed, live within a nearly infinitely large being named Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. He lives and dies, just as we do, for one hundred brahmic years.

[Right: Image of Brahma] One day in Brahma's life is called a Maha Yuga (Great Age), consisting of four Ages (Yugas) named Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali. A Maha Yuga is 4,320,000 of our years. At the end of this time, everything in this cycle becomes destroyed by a cosmic fire.

After the day of Brahma, there will be a brahmic night of equal length. After that night is over, Another Brahmic day dawns, called Satya Yuga. The Satya Yuga will be an undreamed of paradise for the new mankind emerging from the previous brahmic night. A Kali yuga lasts for 432,000 of our years. The ratios between the Satya, Treta, Dvapara and Kali years are 4:3:2:1. In other words, the Satya Yuga, which consists of full righteousness, decreases by one-fourth to Treta, one-half in Treta Yuga, and last of all, three-fourths in Kali Yuga.

Life for humanity will descend in quality until the Kali yuga arrives. After that comes the brahmic night and the beginning of another Chatur (Four) Yuga (Ages) the following dawn.

By the way, Brahma is now 50 brahmic years old. Not even he can live forever!

Those of us who have studied the Chatur Yuga carefully, previously thought that we ended the Kali Yuga a few years ago, in approximately 2000 AD.

We thought we'd just phase out slowly. But not being as knowledgeable of astronomy as the Meso-American Maya wisemen and their forefathers, the Maya in India, we did not calculate correctly . Our Meso-American Mayans say that the end of the Kali Age will occur in 2012 AD. We also thought our bodies would survive the Cosmic Fire. But now, we who were off-track are getting worried. Will this "Cosmic Fire" really burn us to ashes, or will it just be a painless radioactive "purifier?"

Now, for a question that most of us humans want answered.


Yes, we will. A human is not and has never been his body. He is his mind, with all its virtues, lusts, evils and defects as I described in my article about Quetzalcoatl.


The Hindu Triad or Holy Trinity is Brahma, Shiva (The Destroyer), and Vishnu (The Preserver). Shiva and Vishnu are also part of the Unbegotten Brahma. In reality, Shiva and Vishnu are also the same Deity, for Vish is just a reversal of "Shiv."

Shiva will protect us again, as he has always done in past Maha Yugas. He will swallow the poison of our evils, turning his throat blue. From then on, throughout all the other successive Kali Yugas, Brahm, through his Shiva and Vishnu aspect, will send out sons in the flesh who will die on their crosses to reassure us that we will always be redeemable.


Above: Shiva and Vishnu and his wife, Parvati. Notice Shiva's blue throat, symbolizing that he has swallowed all the sins of mankind, guaranteeing him eternal life.

Notice the Mayan depiction of their god Chak. Chak was the long-nosed Mayan God of thunder, lightning, rain, and crops-plus other natural phenomena. His equivalents in other parts of the world were Zeus, Dyaus, Jupite ,Shiva, Ca, Jah, Ju, Jahve, Jehova, Jeho, Sakh, Sagg, Sa-ga-ga, Sakko, Zagg, Zax. Like Zeus, he is often depicted holding a serpentine thunderbolt and a grail, or someone is handing it to him. The Mayan Chak is equally depicted. Why is he colored blue? The answer is simple: He has absorbed your poison and mine! The Toltec Quetzalcoatl and the Mayan Kukulkan did for the Toltecs and Mayans, just what Jesus Christ did for us -- according to the myths about crucified saviors. Could there be any truth to the Maha Yuga, crucified saviors, and the like. Or is all this just junk science?


The Mayan God Chac (Chak).


As I stated in my Viewzone article about the Mayans, the four principal groups in India"s antiquity were the Asuras (Assyrians or Indus Valley people), Panis (Phoenicians), Yakhus or Yakshas (subjects of Kubera, god of gold and treasure a.ka. Nagas) and Mayas. We know them today as the Dravidians (Tamils, Malayalam, etc.)

[Above: Kukulkan hanging on his cross, symbolizing the ultimate redemption of mankind. Notice the rattlesnakes coiled around him. notice also that he has an eagle's head. Kukulkan's relationship with the eagle and serpents proves his identify with the symbol on the Mexican flag, as seen in the picture at the right. Read my article about Quetzalcoatl in order to see the Hindu version of the Eagle with a Naga held in its beak.]

The non Indus Valley people in ancient days were exceedingly superstitious and fearful of the Mayans. The latter were excellent international shippers and traders, builders and astronomers. Their superstitious enemies thought their accomplishments had to be magic and beyond human ability. They were ultimately driven to Ceylon where they inhabited the province of Maya. Later, they went to the Americas, having been taken there by Kubera and his Yakshas. Read my article about the Mayans. They were ultimately driven to Ceylon where they inhabited the province of Maya. The Mayans were ultimately driven to ceylon, etc., etc.

Before the ancient Meso-American Mayans' civilization fell into decline, they prophesied the cataclysm that is supposed to happen in 2012 -- the end of this Kali Yuga.

It surprises and shocks the people of India to find out that the Meso-American Mayans predicted that this Kali-Yuga will end in 2012 AD. Today's Hindus insist that mankind has been in the Kali-Yuga for only 4,000 to 7,000 years. However, they must realize that the Mayans, the ones who really knew the secrets of the universe, were driven out of India and forced to live in Ceylon. There, they inhabited the province of Maya which was named after them. Afterwards, Kubera and his Yaksha subjects took them to Meso-America.

Since the Mayans were driven out of India, non-Mayan Hindus, not knowing the astronomical secrets of the Mayans, have interpreted the theory of the Maha-Yuga. So who really knows when this Kali-Yuga will end? Today's Hindus in India? Or the people who have always claimed to be "Masters of Time"-the Mayans of Meso-America?

When I first started writing this article about the Mayans and their prophecy based on scientific astronomical principles, I was going to make it as lengthy and explanatory as possible. However, I decided that if the Mayans are correct, it's too late for words and explanation. Nothing I can write can change things. Let's face it!


Back to Viewzone || Comments?



This is with regards to your article on viewzone titled 'Will the Mayan Prophecy really happen?'. Well, firstly let me tell you that I'm from India & have read the Bhagavad Gita.

I highly appreciate your almost accurate presentation on Brahma & Yuga concept, although there are some philosophical differences with the concept of Trinity & Brahma. At the same time, there are many points & perhaps conclusions you make that are way off the mark, having not much basis in Vedas, Puranas or Upanishads although I believe there is some truth in the idea that Mayans or Meso-American Indians may somehow be related to ancient Indians & Chinese, given the archaeological background & perhaps what I say anthropological similarities.

Here are the problematic points: 1. You suggest Asuras were either Assyrians or Indus valley people.

A. Well, it is now being proven that ancient Vedic people were themselves the Indus valley people, there was no any Aryan invasion - its all a myth & British colonial propaganda. The term 'Asura' when directly translated means 'negative beings' or what you call demons. Now what I'm about to say - I may sound like a crackpot for saying, but still I proceed - it is believed that the asuras were an other dimensional or other star system beings (or negative ETs) although the term could very easily be used to refer to an evil person.

It is cited throughout the Puranas of how there were wars between Devas (demigods) & Asuras (demons). So the term doesn't refer to Assyrians either.

2. Mayans: To the best of my knowledge, I have not heard from any Vedic scholar nor is there any mention of Mayas as related to present day Meso-American Mayas in the Vedas. The term Maya in Vedas means several things. The most popular expression for which the word is used is 'illusion', like the whole world and our human experience here as being an illusion (as beautifully illustrated in the movie 'Matrix').

3. Quoting you here: "The non Indus Valley people in ancient days were exceedingly superstitious and fearful of the Mayans":

A. Again, very dubious & questionable claims. No basis.

4. Kali yuga ends in 2012 AD:

A. Again wrong, and on several counts my friend, here's why:

Time is not linear, rather it is cyclic. The yuga system doesn't just measure time on Earth, but taking into consideration the other dimensions (from Brahma's world). Now several brilliant physicists are suggesting that there really may be multiple dimensions above & beyond our 3D reality.

Time dilation concept as popularised by Albert Einstein (where if you travel at the speed of light, you slow down your time, so if you just go around for half an hour of your time in a spacecraft at the speed of light, hundreds of years would have elapsed on Earth) is very much referred to in Puranas. There is a story where a King takes his daughter to Brahma & asks him to advise on a suitable bridegroom. Brahma laughs & says that already a few yugas (aeons) have elapsed, & that by the time they return, they'll be in another age & recommends a person living in that age.

So the point I'm trying to come here is this: these systems of time have been occurring (and recorded) for several millions of years according to Vedas, so a yuga cannot be abruptly called into question & claimed as being only 5000 years old.

In the Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Sri Krsna tells Ganga devi that there will be a mini Golden Age within the Kali yuga, and states that it would start approx. 5000 years after the age of Kali begins. Now Kali yuga is said to have began at around circa 3100 BC. We're now in 2010. So, we're well past 5000 years & this independently correlates with Mayan calendar end date. That's not all, Sri Krsna also says that this Golden age would last for 10,000 years & after that, the age of Kali would resume to complete its 432,000 years cycle.

And secondly, Mayans have nowhere mentioned that a 'kali yuga' is ending in 2012. It's just an independent correlation, another confirmation on the ancients' wisdom all over the world, not just in central America or in China or in India.

There were civilizations in the past that were light years ahead of our present technology, but they all got destroyed. Underwater submerged ruins have been found all over the world, but accompanied with a deafening silence from the authorities (archaeological, governmental, anthropology...). Well known best-selling author Graham Hancock dived off the coast of South Eastern India (Tamil Nadu) and found the mythical lost city 'Poompuhar' (referred in Tamil literature) in 2003, some 50 to 200 feet underwater & beyond, but now, almost 7 years have elapsed, and the government is not interested in finding out more on this. Not since these finds were somehow natural or dubious. But this is the pattern all over the world. For example: a few years ago, we heard of underwater ruins or a lost city found near the Caribbeans, but no word on that. Or underwater monumental structures found off Japan's coast in Yonaguni, which despite being confirmed by the chief Japanese scientists investigating it as being man-made & older than 10,000 years, is ignored by the rest of the world. (Some scientists call the monuments as naturally occurring, well, I suggest you watch the youtube video I recommend here below, where clips of it are shown in detail & you'll understand why it is man-made)

Listen to Graham Hancock's own testimony here (+ clips):

Well, that's about it I guess. I read your article & found the need to point out the glaring mistakes. Hope you would consider these points. My request to you is not to repeat the mistakes of the colonial British imperialists, who out of their arrogance & envy, deliberately misinterpreted the Vedas & Puranas to make the 'white people' appear superior & the Indians to appear inferior. You are not deliberately doing it, agreed, but if you are commenting on Vedas & Vedic cosmology, please first train yourself & study them under a qualified scholar & then make your comments.

Nothing to hurt you, or mean anything bad, but just to correct mistakes, since your article can potentially be read by millions. If you carefully study the Vedas, you'll find a treasure trove of knowledge & gain wisdom. It cannot be written off as inaccurate or erroneous.

Thank you for reading, hope you would correct,
S Chandra Mohan