How BREXIT changes Globalism, the NWO
and the Alien Agenda

Gary Vey for viewzone

While most of my friends have been watching Game Of Thrones on the web, I've been glued to the world news, watching the outstanding victory for BREXIT, the decision by Britain to leave the European Union. I think it will eventually be a good thing -- once they stop fighting about it.

My reasons for this are a bit weird, but here goes.

Back in the last century, an extraterrestrial civilization observed that we were approaching a new level of development and that we would soon be capable of space travel. This would make the reality of the extraterrestrials known to everyone.

At some point, so I have been told, representatives of an alien race made contact with leaders and attempted to brief them on the fact that there are many other inhabited planets and that these other worlds had joined a kind of co-operative to survive the unexpected dangers in the grand universe. They invited Earth to join them.

This seems like a great idea, yet the offer was refused because it involved disarming at the height of the Cold War. The next offer was more of a threat -- an offer we could not refuse -- and leaders were compelled to make certain changes to our planetary civilization over time, covertly, for fear of reprisal. So they did.

What's this got to do with BREXIT? One of the main requirements the aliens demanded was the evolution towards a One World Government (NWO). Apparently this is the organization of the "galactic co-operative" (my words) or whatever you want to call it: each world has a representation that speaks for the entire planetary population. The plan was to merge Europe and Asia (EU), then the Americas, Africa, the Pacific Nations... and then merge them all together. We would then speak with one voice from our seat in the galactic co-operative.

Sounds great, doesn't it? The Council On Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Trilateral and other such groups saw this as a very good idea and they used knowledge of the covert plan to their own powerful (and financial) advantage.

But then something happened. Humans began to feel the loss of traditional culture and values as globalization kicked in -- things that comprise their world view were put in jeopardy in the name of progress.

In a recent article describing the Terror Management Theory it has been determined that an individual will go to extreme lengths to preserve ideas and beliefs that resolve the idea of one's own mortality (called "Mortality salience"). It's not only Islam that has such a built-in drive to act violently. Most ordinary people cling to ideas involving religion, the after-life, and live by a traditional and familiar code of morality. Oppose these and you will stir rebellion on a very powerful and intimate level.

The New World Order along with globalization of culture, trade and resources is this plan being implemented, here and now.

Open borders and the mingling "world views" dilutes the indigenous cultures and conflicts with them. We have seen this enough in our human history to understand it, yet the unnatural homogenization of humanity has been proceeding gung-ho since the aliens told us what to do -- or else.

If you hang around the people who claim to know about these things, they tell of an interesting development that may just explain the weakening grip of the EU and NWO globalists. They speak of a new, perhaps more altruistic and independent alien race that has made contact and have given notice to the original group to "86" their influence on our civilization. For some years now, as it was told to me, the old regime has been packing up and moving off this world.

So, in a way, Earthlings have been saved from a kind of "galactic EU" and we have been given an opportunity for self-determination. The old "establishment" and political systems aligned to the alien agenda (NWO) no longer have support from their intellectually superior friends. Without that help they are doomed.

"If the American people knew what we have done, they would string us up from the lamp posts."
-- by George H.W. Bush*

With our new freedom we need to be cautious. Our evolution from a lustful and crowd-driven mentality is not complete. Our technology far surpasses our understanding of its dangers. The fact that we have nuclear weapons is evidence of this. We also have anti-gravity technology that could bring about an energy revolution and solve many of our environmental and climactic problems. But this technology is NOT complex and, like nuclear fission/fusion, it has the potential to destroy its host civilization if it is misused. This has been hidden for that very reason, but it is only a matter of time before this potential is widely available, for good and bad.

In short, we're on the threshhold of a great transformation from which there is no retreat. How it moves forward depends on our ability to put mind over heart, reality over religion and fantasy, while maintaining the appreciation of each individual as a unique, precious and equal being.

Can we do this now?


I know that it is easy to brush this off as being a conspiracy theory or even a fantasy. I understand completely. Unless you have pursued this topic for the past two decades you might not be aware of all the facts and evidence supporting this story. Unfortunately (or not) I have and the very basic plot is what I have described. If you want to validate this, please do your own careful research. Otherwise, shows like Game Of Thrones are waiting for you on HBO.

Gary Vey is the editor and author of many stories and papers on, which he started 20 years ago.