Click It Baby!

The crux of the program at the brain lab hinged on voluntary self-control of one particular section of the human brain, a trigger site or neuro-gateway for intelligence, pleasure, and creativity: the anterior amygdala. The brain has two of these organs, one for the right hemisphere of the brain, the other for the left side. Each amygdala is about the size of an almond, a small knobby protuberance about one inch inside each temple in the brain- a part of the brain's limbic system. Various researches have found that stimulation of this part of the brain results in automatic responses of pain or pleasure- depending which part of the amygdala is stimulated. Simple electrical anterior amygdala stimulation shuts off the "killer instinct" and results in automatic responses of cooperative and pleasurable behavior.

Self-amygdala stimulation without electrodes can be performed by using the brain's capacity for guided imagery.

For example, by simply imagining that you are tickling the front part of each amygdala with a feather, you change the flow of electro-chemical activity in the brain- and voila! This clicks the amygdala forward, if only temporarily.

This imaging alone increases frontal lobes activity and begins increases in creativity, intelligence, and so on. The more frequently you tickle, the more you click, the more pronounced the results. These changes are measurable by modern brain scanning medical instruments such as PET and MRI machines. The brain is a thought machine- and thus, one controls the brain and it's electro-chemical circuitry with simple thought. (No surprise there!) This simple exercise properly done often brings immediate results, with sometimes very pronounced effects. The brain lab developed hundreds of methods that further refined, accelerated, supercharged, and make permanent the results.

When a person learns how to internally stimulate the amygdala and voluntarily increase frontal lobes processes at will, it can eventually result in a very intense peak phenomenon known as "frontal lobes transcendence" or "popping your frontal lobes". This occurred regularly at the brain lab where all the distractions of a typically hectic or neurotic life were minimized, or where subjects and students received sufficient training. For myself, this first occurred on September 11, 1987 while sitting in the control room at a recording studio. It was just about the last thing on my mind. Generally, this phenomenon can't be predicted exactly- more like when a soap bubble is ready to pop.

What is it like to pop your frontals? Imagine you are sailing in a rickety wooden boat in 1492, looking for India, lost in the middle of an endless ocean for what seems like an eternity. Everybody, including yourself, is just waiting for you to fall off the edge of the planet into oblivion. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere......


That's something like what popping your frontal lobes feels like. Only, it's really happening, and it's happening to YOU. NOW.

Some persons have compared popping their frontal lobes to feeling as though they were flying through the cosmos at the speed of light, or feeling the power of a train blasting through their head (pleasurably so) at 120 miles an hour. Or as one adult student put it, "a million times better than the best sex." It all depends on your personality and your preferences. After your first (they keep happening) frontal lobes "big bang" things are never quite the same again. You begin looking through a mental windshield that is clean for the first time since you were a little kid. My college education and ten years of meditation and yoga practice never prepared me for this.

Why has nature provided the human brain with this emotional fireworks rocketship blast? Nature is smart. Your brain wants you to survive. When you use more of your brain and access more of your brain's potential specifically located in the most advanced part of your brain- your frontal lobes- your chances of survival in this rough world skyrocket. Sustained and intense pleasure is exactly how neurocircuits in various sites within the brain motivate and reward the individual for frontal lobes advanced survival thought production. Free and legal. Use enough frontal lobes- and you hit the jackpot.

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