Popping Your Frontals

No surprise that these things are actually possible once you realize that the three pounds of solid neurocircuitry between every person's ears is the most complex structure we know of in the entire universe. You have more connections in your brain than there are literally grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. Carl Sagan has pointed out that in every brain, your fantastic one included, there are more combinations of connections than there are protons and neutrons in the universe. Heck, telepathy is nothing for your infinity brain calculator. Provided you know what buttons to push.

Brain Science

New research in the field of brain and behavior now allows any ordinary person to learn how to control and self-stimulate their own brain for such results as mentioned above. Studies by one particular behaviorist and researcher, T.D.A. Lingo, in his work from 1957 through 1993, has been able to pinpoint this area of the brain which seems to be responsible for releasing enormous levels of untapped intelligence, creativity and pleasure. Additionally, and remarkably so, self-amygdala stimulation frequently additionally turns on such "hidden" brain functions as pre-cognition, clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, telekinesis, and in can even allow the ability for some individuals the ability to communicate with non-ordinary physical and non-physical intelligences and entities.

Lingo conducted a 30-year study of three hundred and nine students and test subjects involved in long and short-term brain education, behavioral, and thought self-modification programs. The resultant increases in intelligence, creativity, and positive emotions were demonstrated and measured by a variety of objective and subjective means, standardized tests and analysis methods. Lingo reports that this included 10 to 40 point increases on the Stanford-Binet I.Q. test, and 500% to 1400% increases on the Getzels-Jackson Creativity Index. Presently, similar results continue to be reported from individuals from across the U.S. experimenting and doing brain-self-control on their own, following the standard procedure and brain "exercises."


Amygdala stimulation directed at the front or anterior portions of the amygdala apparently can additionally produce an intense emotional state known historically throughout world cultures and religions by various names: nirvana, satori, samadhi, born again, peak experience, cosmic consciousness, one-with-the-universe rapture. Among brain laboratory subjects this has been affectionately nicknamed "Popping your frontal lobes."

Now science understands the actual neuro-pathways and brain physiology responsible for this "mystical" state, and makes it available to anyone from bus drivers and short-order cooks, as well fasting monks. Only now, you don't have to meditate for twenty years to experience it.


Self-amygdala stimulation increases activity of the brain's most advanced and evolutionarily most complex structure of the brain- the frontal lobes. Hold your forehead with one hand. Everything under your palm is your frontal lobes, the front 1/3 of your brain. The frontal lobes are further developed in humans beyond all other mammals, save dolphins and whales (who is to say they are not more intelligent than we? different perhaps...). The human frontal lobes are exactly what allow us to plan and devise actions far beyond the capability of lower mammals and apes. The frontal lobes allow the most advanced behavior:



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