by Dan Eden

As a writer, my hero was Tennessee Williams. He crafted words and plots like a fine artist. Night of the Iguana is his finest work. But Williams was a troubled man who wrote during rare episodes of sobriety. His talent seemed to frighten him and he suffered with each of his play's characters.

For me, this story has haunted me to where I relied on some of Williams' medicine to both avoid writing it and to have the courage to sit down and finish it. It's s strange story and it has a ring of truth to it. But, like some bad wine, it has a bitter taste that lingers. I'll tell you up front: I don't know if it is absolutely true. I hope it isn't. But if even part of it is true then my struggles writing it will have been worthwhile.

Something is not right...

One of my most memorable episodes of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone was called Stopover In a Quiet Town [1]. A couple get drunk at a party and wake up in an strange house -- in a town with no other people.

The first clue that something is very wrong happens as the man tries to make a phone call. The phone is not real and it comes right off the wall in his hand. A tossed match accidentally ignites the outside lawn, revealing that it is made of paper. "What is real then?" The woman insists, "Certainly this tree is real..." But it topples over easily, revealing it is just a stage prop. Throughout the drama, a child's laughter can be heard, as if enjoying their predicament. Eventually the couple see a big hand that scoops them up. It belongs to a "giant" little girl who is keeping them as her "pets".

I thought of this today when I was shown some pictures by an investigator named "Ed" who, like the couple in this "Quiet Town" episode, noticed that something supposed to be real was, in fact, fake. Because this something is so important, Ed devoted his time and effort to document and present the compelling evidence of something both weird and horrific. With Ed's permission, I'll show some of this evidence to you later in this article.

Wag the Dog

There is a paradigm that assumes that peace and harmony will only be achieved with a homogenous population that shares the same morality, ideology and politics. The so-called "powers that be" are navigating a prescribed path to globalize everything. And why not? It will be a world under their control. It's just what the current 99% debate is all about. As Nietzsche suggested, "You must be hammer or anvil," and the 1% are all-in to be the hammer.

Every now and then we "see" how we are controlled, but not usually. The nightly news tells us not only what happened but also how we ought to feel about it. The news about our environment and fellow humans shapes our culture and controls our behavior. It's an effective source of propaganda for those who know how to use it. We sit inside our personal space, observing the world around us through the pixels of controlled media. We all sort of know this, but we're not sure to what extent it's controlled.

When some news worthy "event" happens, networks show us "experts" who interpret the event for us. Are these experts real? What about the events themselves... are they real?

In the 1997 hit film, Wag the Dog [2], a Hollywood production team is used to generate news "packages" to divert the public's attention from a presidential scandal. With today's mobile media (cellphones, iPads) a "staged" event cannot be made in a studio. It has to be "live."

In terms of the 99%, this means we can be sure that the 1% are not sitting by idly. They are busier than ever implimenting their plan to control a global government. Only then can they really make the changes they want. In the meantime, the public's views and opinions are being carefully manipulated by, among other things, staged media events, performed by actors of a kind of production company. This is what Ed has discovered.

One production group that Ed has investigated has supplied individuals who, acting in their roles, have appeared on the Nightly News as "experts" and "eye-witnesses" as well as being present in pinnacle positions of protests and marches. Because of his ability to recognize and remember faces, despite disguises, Ed investigated the faces, their identities and family members through publicly accessible social websites. He noticed more and more individuals were pictured together and the relationships slowly began to take place. Then it happened. Unexpectedly, Ed discovered a photo album with pictures of an outside party -- everyone was there -- hosted by the Rockefeller family.

By already having copied family pictures spanning many years, Ed had enough hi-res images to anatomically compare such things as hairlines, facial geometry, scars and the intricate parts of the ear. He was able to establish that the actors appearing in the media events were all related in some way to the Rockefeller family. It was crazy, but the pictures were so convincing.

"It was the face of Jennifer Sexton that I recognized while doing an image search for another project, that prompted me to click on her link. That one single click opened the path that on the other side I found my self staring right into the eyes of Christina Taylor Green (who I quickly learned was the daughter of Jennifer(Greenberg) Sexton, Samantha Sexton. From that point the information flood gate was lifted as I sifted through thousands of family photos that spanned a time frame from 2004 to the present.

The verification of their authenticity comes from the ability to watch the children in the photos growing up in front of your very eyes. Their own labeling of the images gave valuable clues as to their real identity. That combined with their own inflated ego that could be documented through third party independent outlets such as the Hampton social scene or the New York Social gatherings where the rich tend to show off their latest accessories, and love to have their egos massaged by photographing themselves as they mingle with each other. That was just one way I was able to confirm who these people were..."

So for the first time in history we see them meeting together in their family photos in 2010 at the beach home of David Rockefeller Jr. the grandfather of many of the children we see them hugging, meaning the last names of these people have been manipulated to disguise they are the direct descendants of the Rockefeller family." --Ed

OK... Here's an example:

A couple of weeks after Occupy Wall Street began, a video went viral as an Iraqi veteran, home after allegedly spending 14 months in the service, loudly questions a group of NYPD who are standing around, listening to him and looking uncomfortable. You remember it? Here it is...

This had quite an impact on many people and was linked by websites around the globe. A pretty good PR tool for the Occupy Wall Street movement... but was it random? Spontaneous? Was the anger real? Was he really an Iraq vet?

According to Ed, both the man ranting to the police AND at least one of the NYPD uniformed men are actors. Ed quickly supplies photos to prove his point. He has detailed forensic analyses of ear lobes, the tragus and scars that match... but I only need to see the photos to notice the resemblance between the cop and the protestor.

OK. Show me more.

Hmmm. This doesn't look like a match to me. Yes, the ears may be similar, but something just doesn't feel right with this one.

Here's one more video showing how Ed matches up faces... A bit of a warning should be given as Ed gives his personal theory of what this is all about, and how far he thinks it goes. Hey, this is viewzone so I'll let you listen and decide:

Hmmm. While we cannot prove the allegations about ex-Nazis (yet), we ought to be able to squeeze the truth out of a more relevant event... like that bomb about Nurse Nayirah!

Nurse Nayirah (Kuwait) is Arden Wohl (NYC Socialite)?

In the last video, Ed makes a really dramatic claim -- that Nurse Nayirah was actually part of the group. Her real identity is alleged to be a New York socialite, filmmaker and actress named Arden Wohl. I fired off an email to Ed. Here's what he sent:

"This was later admitted a lie, but by then it was too late the American public was tricked into supporting the Gulf war. She was able to do this because she is the grand-daughter of an ambassador and has diplomatic immunity. Ardin now is a NYU Film school grad and has been seen at the NY Occupied movement. I exposed her playing an active part in this event. (remember she is one of the 1%'rs)" -Ed

On this one, I didn't feel the connection either. Both look like they could be the same person -- younger and older. If Ed could prove this to me it certainly would make me wake up and give more credence to his theories about ex-Nazis and the bigger picture of evil.

"Her grandparents, Ronne and Joseph S. Wohl, were known to the Manhattan society scene mostly for their incredible art collection that included Matisse, Monet, Braque, Modigliani. Arden [right], for better or worse, was thrust into the golden spotlight after the sale of her grandparent's collection for a rather hefty sum at Sotheby's. Sometimes described as a filmmaker (she had something to do with arthouse horror flick Coven), the "head-band socialite" gained Page Six notoriety for multiple scandals. One such boldface item from last year claimed she was sleeping with the same director as Scarlett Johansson (She denied the affiliation). But my favorite item, and perhaps why I love her so much, involved her getting charged last summer in East Hampton for "making graffiti and petit larcency," after she scrawled "Ralphy Lip-Shits" on Ralph Lauren's East Hampton boutique (Ralph Lauren was really born Ralph Lipschitz) and also, according to cops, stole "several small hand-held American flags that the store had on display for decoration." Arden, whatever you're doing, keep doing it and seriously, while you're at, don't be shy, keep the good times rolling."--[source].

Wow. I remember that young girl's testimony on CNN. It was what everyone talked about and made most undecided citizens cave in and support the invasion of Iraq. I had read that she was the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador... but if "they" could lie about the babies being dumped our of incubators -- resulting in over a million civilian and military deaths -- an identity change should be easy to pull off. I'm just not convinced yet.

One more...

That's definitely possible.

This gets confusing. I know Ed has hundreds of images to prove his case. But having him lay out the evidence for someone like me -- who knows nothing of these things -- is not easy for him. I decide to stop asking point-by-point questions and let Ed tell me about where all of this theory leads. I asked Ed to give me the "big picture". And Ed sent me his answer.


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